Multidisciplinary Teams

Diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcoma in our hospital has been state of the art in this field nationwide since 1950's. The first study of comprehensive treatment of soft tissue sarcoma was carried out by Dr. Katherine Li , Shu Li , Renyuan Zhang and other pioneers in the field of oncology in our country. They also participated in compiling the first national monographs of oncology in 1970's. The joint clinic of soft tissue sarcoma, since its first establishment in 1984, has been upheld for 23 years. More than 50,000 patients have their sarcomas being discussed or treated by this MDT group, many of them came from outside East China area because of the good reputation of our hospital in surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.

Currently, the chair of the multidisciplinary treatment team of soft tissue sarcoma is Professor Yingqiang Shi from Surgical Oncology Department. Professor Shi is focusing on both clinical treatment and basic research of soft tissue sarcomas with a new model of cooperation. More than 300 patients receive surgery annually. The overall survival and 5-year disease free survival of the patients, represented by the data of 514 cases statistically analysed in 2011, was 78.6% and 57.6%, which remains one of the best results all over the world.