Multidisciplinary Teams

The Multidisciplinary Treatment Team of Malignant Lymphoma was established in April 2005. At present, the chair is Professor Xiaonan Hong of medical oncology and comprises of specialists from departments of medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, radiology, nuclear medicine and head & neck Surgery. The advantage of the team is to provide the standardized and tailored treatment to every patient diagnosed with different subtypes of malignant lymphoma based on the accurate pathological diagnosis, to ensure the optimal therapeutic strategy and improve prognosis.

Since its establishment, a serial of investigator initiated clinical studies and research projects have been undertaken with close cooperation of the team members. The MDT seminar is held weekly for difficult cases and academic discussion. The team has broad association with domestic and international colleagues and organized lymphoma symposiums every year. Moreover, the team is active in participating international multi-center clinical trials. Currently, 6 investigator initiated trials and 15 international trials are ongoing. Seven SCI paper have been published by the team members.