Multidisciplinary Teams

The Multidisciplinary Treatment (MDT) Team of Gastric Cancer, established in late 2005, consists of current multi-disciplinary cancer treatment of gastric cancer, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, pathology and other new techniques. FUSCC’s gastric cancer MDT team is committed to develop our superiority and specialty of comprehensive cancer care and promote standardized gastric cancer diagnostic and treatment procedures. We aim to improve the accuracy of early diagnosis and disease staging with advanced facilities and techniques, to guarantee the radical cure of locally advanced gastric cancer with rationally combined treatments including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and to improve the overall survival of patients with metastatic disease by developing various clinical trials.

At present, FUSCC’s gastric cancer MDT team gathers variety of gastric cancer specialists such as Chairman Prof. Jin Li, Vice Chairman Prof. Yanong Wang and Prof. Yingqiang Shi, Prof. Zhen Zhang, Prof. Jun Shen, Prof. Weiqi Sheng, Prof. Xiaodong Zhu and etc. The gastric cancer outpatient clinic has been set all workdays in our hospital. Case discussion is also held every Thursday with joined efforts for intractable diseases. And each meeting has been edited and broadcasted over the nation via internet as medical feature programs, which may represent our influence and prestige. Moreover, each year there are several large-scale free medical consultation meetings and health lectures carried out by our team, which is also quite popular in public.

Currently a number of clinical and basic research projects are conducted by our MDT team, including introducing endoscopic mucosal dissection and laparoscopic surgery for early stage gastric cancer, promoting perioperative combined treatment with radiation or chemotherapy for locally advanced gastric cancer, and launching or joining domestic or international multicenter clinical trials of targeted therapy or new chemotherapy drugs. Meanwhile our tissue bank has already been established for further basic researches such as molecular genotyping study. Additionally, we update our diagnostic and treatment guidelines and our gastric cance database.

We will work together, follow the EBM, concentrate futher to individualized therapy to make our MDT team an international leading level.