Diagnostic department

Cancer Research Laboratory of Fudan University Cancer Institute at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center is the main research base for clinical scientists and investigators. The laboratory, located at the 12th and 13th floors in the comprehensive No. 2 building, has the lab space of over 3,000 square meters and has been up running in March 2009. Besides individual bench spaces and infrastructures, the laboratory has four cell culture rooms, a bacterial culture room, a cleaning and disinfection room, a dark room and an ice-making compartment for all investigators. A large number of advanced instruments and apparatus are also equipped, such as the laser capture microdissection system, fluorescent microscopy, confocal laser microscopy, gel image analysis system, flow cytometry, genetic analyzers, UV spectrophotometer, multi-functional universal microplate spectrophotometer, high-speed vacuum centrifuge, various PCR machines, two dimensional gel electrophoresis and protein purification system.
Currently there are 11 full-time research scientists and technicians and more than 50 graduate students working in the laboratory. The laboratory had two active research labs (Molecular Pathology Lab and Molecular Epidemiology Lab), three full-time PI research groups (cancer biology, cancer molecular bioregulation, and complement biology) and more than 10 clinician PI groups (Phase I clinical trial lab, medical oncology, thoracic tumor, gynecologic oncology, colorectal cancer, integrative oncology, urogenital tumor, pancreatic & hepatobiliary cancer, radiotherapy, breast cancer, gastric cancer and soft tissue sarcoma group.)
The laboratory is open to all researchers in the hospital. The research groups and persons will be adjusted timely according to the need of research projects. Currently the active research includes more than 20 projects from talent personnel support plan, the national natural science foundations and other sources of funding.
Our mission is to establish the standard procedures for laboratory operation and various technical platforms, to provide a stable technique support, to develop kinds of academic activities and technical training, to coordinate and expand horizontal linkages between hospitals, labs and programs. Our purpose is to accelerate professional training for hospital personnel, to acculturate strong scientific research team spirit, to improve grant applications, to ensure successful execution of the funded grants, and to promote the cancer research achievements and their translational applications.