Clinical department


The Department of Anesthesiology of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center was founded in 1982, developing from division of surgery department. Since its establishment, the department has experienced gradual development, especially in the last couple of years. During the past three decades, with the consistent hard work and selfless contributions of several generations, the department has reached a high level, both clinically and technically. Presently, there are 22 operation rooms in the inpatient surgical suites and 5 operation rooms in the outpatient surgical suites. All the operation rooms are well equipped with advanced anesthetic apparatus.
In 2009, the department provided comprehensive anesthesia care for more than 14,000 patients. Further, the department provided anesthesia for more than 4,000 painless endoscopy examinations and performed more than 6,000 post-anesthesia analgesia. The workload is relatively high compared with other famous specialized cancer hospitals in China. In addition, expertise is available in all types of anesthesia care including cardiovascular, otolaryngological, and gynecological as well as adult pain problems and upper airway problems of both acute and chronic nature. The department provides pre-and post-anesthetic consultations in all the above mentioned areas.
With the continuous renewal of anesthesia rational, the department is keeping striving to become the best at adapting new technology and ideas into the processes of anesthesia, transforming information and knowledge into tangible assets, and benefiting our patients. Presently, the department has excellent equipments to monitor invasive blood pressure, end tidal CO2, bispectral index and entropy index as well as many other parameters, with which we could better control the depth of anesthesia and assure the patients’ safety. Within the last decade, we not only kept the traditional local anesthesia for minor surgeries, but also obtained the ability to perform combined anesthesia for major complicated surgeries. Recently, through a lot of practical experience, we have developed a safe anesthesia procedure for a novel thoracic surgery, endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration.
The department has attached great importance on education, clinical practice and basic research. In 2010, we had two publications in “Anesthesiology”, and successfully got the fund from National Nature and Science Committee.
In the long run, the department has set the goal of becoming the center of anesthesia, analgesia and first-aid emergency in the hospital, and becoming the best anesthesia department in the specialized cancer hospitals in China.