News and Notification

During the period from September 6th to 7th 2016, 7 people delegation led by Professor Masanobu Oshima from Kanazawa University Cancer Research Institute, accompanied by Professor Li Yingyi, came to visited FUSCC and attended 2-days academic program. They were invited to attend the 6th FUSCC-CRIKU Joint Symposium on Tumor Biology, along with our hospital clinicians, research fellows exchanging academic achievements.

The program was divided into two days, on the afternoon of September 6th, the International Affairs Office organized hospital PIs and graduate students listened Professor Masanobu  Oshima ‘s lecture in the No.5 conference room. The content including Kanazawa University Cancer Research Institute description, key notes for《Cancer Research》journal contribution. Professor Masanobu Oshima is an expert in molecular and cellular pathology and the senior editor of《Cancer Research》Journal.

In order to promote the technology of tumor basic research and tumor clinical translational research, on the afternoon of September 7th, the 6th FUSCC-CRIKU Joint Symposium on Tumor Biology was successfully held at the FUSCC lecture hall. 8 researchers from Japan or China focused on tumor molecular targeted therapy, drug resistance of cancer, JSAP in cancer development and other themes made great presentations to the audiences. Professor Dingwei Ye, FUSCC VP and Professor Masanobu Oshima, Director of Kanazawa University Cancer Research Institute attended the opening ceremony and made speeches. Professor Weiguo Hu and Professor Daqiang Li from FUSCC Cancer Research Institute host the symposium.