News and Notification

Nov 18th 2016, To strengthen international communication and collaboration, promote international impact, based on the outcomes of negotiations in early stage, FUSCC finally reached a preliminary cooperation intention with Australian Peter MacCallum (PMC) cancer center and signed new sister institution agreement. Professor Xiaomao Guo, FUSCC President, Professor Dingwei Ye, FUSCC Vice President, Professor WuJiong, FUSCC Vice President, Professor Chen Zhen, FUSCC Vice President represent FUSCC senior executives leaders attended the signing ceremony. On behalf of Australian side, Miss Dale Fisher, CEO of PMC, Mr David Speakman, CFO of PMC, Tim Dillion, Commissioner, Greater China, State Government of Victoria as well as Doctor Declan Murphy and Moon Daniel, from PMC urology department attended the ceremony. Besides, Directors of some administrative office were invited to witness this historical moment.   Professor Dingwei Ye host and delivered a welcome speech. Since year of 2003, FUSCC signed first sister institution agreement with US MD Anderson Cancer Center, by far FUSCC has built partner relationships with seven global outstanding cancer research institutes, the family has been expanded from Asia, America, Europe to Oceania.



The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, is an Australian oncology research institute, cancer treatment, and professional oncologist training centre located in Melbourne, Victoria. The Peter Mac is Australia’s only public hospital dedicated to cancer treatment, research and education. It is also one of the few cancer treatment facilities in the world which has a fully integrated clinical and laboratory program situated alongside a hospital. The Peter Mac offers much in the way of integrated services, including medical oncology and radiation oncology facilities and links with allied health services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, speech therapy and social services.In the past one year, the center has been engaging more than 200 clinical researches and published 495 SCI papers on the world top ranked journals, especially research in malignant melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer lead the world.


In the future, based on the sister institution agreement, two institutions will host joint symposium, developing translational research, faculty training and patient referral together. Our destiny is to promote cancer research progress and create more benefits to cancer patients.