Multidisciplinary Teams

The chair of the Multidisciplinary Treatment Team of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma is Professor Chaosu Hu from Department of Radiation Oncology. Since it’s establishment in 2005, the MDT of nasopharyngeal cancer has continuously gained its reputation from patients as well as from national colleagues. The team is comprised of experienced experts from radiation oncology, medical oncology, head and neck surgery and radiology. Their mission is to optimize the clinical practice for different stage of NPC patients. This effort is realized by regular multidisciplinary consultation, continuous clinical and translational research based on shared database as finally to realize the best individualized treatment for every patient. Diagnosis, differential diagnosis and comprehensive treatment are completed within the team. Multidisciplinary consultation is organized twice a week and difficult cases seminar once a week. Currently, the team is participating in various clinical and translational NPC related researches. Numerous articles with high impact factors have been published nationally and internationally with several important awards.