Multidisciplinary Teams

The Department of Gynecologic Oncology was founded in 1960’s, which is the first department of gynecologic oncology in China, providing a prototype of multidisciplinary treatment group with radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy for malignant gynecology tumors. The history of radio therapy to cervical cancer can be traced back to 1931 when the center was established.

The multidisciplinary treatment team of Gynecologic Oncology was estalished in 2006, the Chair is Professor Xiaohua Wu of Gynecologic Oncology. Department expert panels include Gynecologic Oncologists Huaying Wang and Rongyu Zang, Radiation Oncologists Xiao Huang and Yuan Lin, Gynecologic Pathologists Wentao Yang and Xiaoyu Tu, Interventional Radiologists Wentao Li and Zhaoxia Jiang , Urologist Xudong Yao and physician from Nuclear Medicine Junyan Xu etc.

Now the team has 5 working groups including cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, vulvar & vaginal cancer and gynecologic radiation oncology. The annual inpatient surgical cases are 3400, with 87% of malignant cases and 960 cases of radical hysterectomy for invasive cervical cancer. Approximately 1200 cases get radiation therapy each year. Multidisciplinary Team of Gynecologic Oncology has 11 clinical research projects and convenes Multidisciplinary Planning Conference every week. The team published the FUSCC Practice Guidelines for Gynecologic Cancer since 2007, and it was updated approximately annually, and it has become the pocketbook for the Chinese Gynecologic Oncologists.