Multidisciplinary Teams

The multidisciplinary treatment team of colorectal cancer was established in 2005, which was also the first MDT of colorectal cancer in Shanghai. Professor Sanjun Cai of surgical oncology is the chairman and Professor Zhen Zhang of radiation oncology is the deputy chairman. Our MDT team possesses all ways of current multi-disciplinary cancer treatment of colorectal cancer, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, endoscopic therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and other new techniques.

The protocol of radical surgery for colorectal cancer in our hospital remains in the frontier. Department of Radiation Oncology is the Shanghai Clinical Center and the Radiation Therapy Quality Control Center in Shanghai. Department of Pathology is Shanghai Pathology Quality Control Medical Center and leading speciality in Shanghai. Department of Medical Oncology is one of the National Clinical Trail Anti-cancer Drug Trial bases. The detection rate for early colorectal cancer and multiple primary colorectal cancer by endoscopy ranks first in China. Department of Nuclear Medicine carries out a full scope of colorectal cancer associated with tumor antigen detection, PET / CT scan for detection of early metastasis. Rectal MRI and colon CT virtual endoscopy carried out by Department of Radiology helps to improve the accuracy of preoperative staging and optimization of treatment strategy.