Multidisciplinary Teams

The Shanghai Breast Cancer Medical Center & Breast Cancer Research Institute of Fudan University (the center) were established on September 6th, 2002. Dr. Zhenzhou Shen is the founder and chief medical advisor of the Center, and Dr. Zhimin Shao is the current director.

The Department of Breast Surgery plays the dominant role in the center. There are 3 wards with 171 beds (including 16 VIP rooms and 12 beds for day surgery) in the Breast Surgery Dept., and over 2000 cases of breast cancer operations performed annually.These operations include breast conserving surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Today the main treatment toward breast cancer is surgery based, combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrinal therapy, biological therapy as well as other innovative techniques. As a component of Shanghai clinical medicine center, the Department of Radiation Therapy of FUSCC has advanced radiation equipments and technology, featuring largely in breast conserving therapy and three-dimensional photon treatment.

Systemic therapy is becoming increasing common in breast cancer treatment. Therefore breast surgeons and medical oncologists in the Center cooperate to adopt personalized regiment for each breast cancer patient that includes routine treatment as well as the use of a variety of new medicines, preoperative chemotherapy and salvage therapy. The Center stands at the forefront of breast cancer research and treatment in Asia and even in the world.

The prominence of the Center is reflected in the early diagnosis technology of breast cancer. The Breast Image and Biopsy Unite of the Center can apply all the breast diagnostic facilities to the clinical work. The program of opportunistic and communistic screening for early breast cancer was launched in 2005, and there are over 10,000 asymptomatic women receiving breast mammography and ultrasound examination annually in the center.

Since 2007, the center have published 61 SCI papers. According to the Shanghai Institute of Novelty Consulting Center reports, papers have been referenced 172 times by SCI-E database and been cited more than 140 times. The research achievements have been published in the International Breast Cancer Conference SABCS several times. They have participated in some major national projects such as "973", "863" and received the National Nature and Scientific Foundation Grant.