Diagnostic department

Until 1964, Department of Pharmacy had only 8 staff and was structured by three subunits: Pharmacy,Drug Storage and Pharmaceutical Preparation. With the development of the hospital as well as the everlasting contribution of generations of pharmacists, Department of Pharmacy changed dramatically. In 2009, Department of Pharmacy has 52 employees, including 3 associated professors, 14 attending pharmacists and 47 staff and 7 subunits, including Outpatient Pharmacy, In Patient Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dispensary, Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Service (PIVAS), Anesthesia Pharmacy, Pharmacy Inventory and Clinical Pharmacy.
Featured by its excellent management of cytotoxic anticancer infusion preparation, PIVAS, running by 25 pharmacists and 6 nurses, is the first and the only PIVAS in China preparing infusions not only for out-patients but also for in-patients. By focusing on quality control, the section of out-patient pharmacy is becoming a paradigm after evaluation by kinds of Shanghai Healthcare Authorities. In-patient pharmacy, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) pharmacy as well as other subunits is no-exceptionally emphasized in clinical practices to ensure drug safety in cancer therapy.
Lead by Prof. Dr. Qing ZHAI, Department of Pharmacy is becoming more and more active in research works, especially in protective effects of TCM against the toxicity of anti-cancer agents and in discovering new effect of “Acient  drugs”. Apart from the research works, Department of Pharmacy is keen on hosting national-wide continuous medical education and open to all kinds of cooperation.