Diagnostic department

Department of Clinical Laboratory of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FUSCC) was established in 1946,which has six sections including Biochemical Lab, Immunological Lab, Microorganism Diagnosis Lab, Clinical Routine Test Lab, Outpatient Service center and Blood Bank, and HIV screening team of Immunological Lab was founded in 2000.
FUS CC Clinical Laboratory is a comprehensive laboratory integrating medical work, post-graduation education and scientific research. Our department are composed of 41 staffs,above 80 percent of the staff were awarded Bachelor or Master degree. With the growing number of the clinical samples, more and more advanced equipments were applied to meet the clinical demands in our labs. 
Now the total asset of the instruments and equipments is nearly ten million, such as Roche Modular D+P auto biochemical analyzer, Roche Cobas 601 analyze System, Johnson Fusion dry biochemical analyzer, IQ-200 Urine Sediment Analyzer, SYSMEX CA7000 automatic Blood Coagulation Testing Machine, Helena Protein Electrophoresis Analyzer, Diana Blood Type Determination Machine, Abbott i2000 Electro-chemiluminescence, Siemens Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Meter, Tecan Freedom EVOlyzer, Merieux Microbiological System and BAXTEC 9120 Blood Culture System, and 10 Hematology Analyzers. All these provide the  accurate and reliable evidence for the clinical diagnosis and treatment.
The Lab carries out the quality control rules and regulations strictly, trailing and controlling the instruments everyday. Our department has a set of complete management system for report inspection, which carries out the system of triple-checking including pre-analysis, analysis and post-analysis. Our laboratory also actively participates in inter-lab quality control activities which sponsored by Shanghai Clinical Laboratory Center, Health Ministry Clinical Laboratory Center and America EQAS. We get excellent scores in this area, and has become the advanced group of quality control continuously for years. Furthermore, our clinical laboratory was approved with ISO 15189 by China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) in 2010, which is the first cancer  hospital in the whole country . 
Our laboratory provides detection items such as “ routine blood, urine and stool test ”, liver and renal function test, blood coagulation tests, electrolyte tests, Serum protein electrophoresis , Hepatitis B, anti-Hepatitis C and anti-HIV antibody test, syphilitic spirochaeta examination, typing and cross-matching of blood, and analysis of bacterial culture and drug resistance, as well as some tests associated with tumor antigen (e.g. VCA-IgA, AFU, AMY, etc). Moreover, LDH/AST isozyme test and HAV RNA, HBV DNA sending out to test have been established to meet demands of clinical treatment, providing valuable and in-time data. And we will continue to open more detection items to meet patients examination requirements. 
In the "people-oriented, patient-centered" service concept, most of the tests that carry out by our department can get reports at the same day. Moreover, we provide the emergency biochemical detection in particular, so that patients can get the report within 2 hours.
Our laboratory got some achievements in scientific research: won the Outstanding Invention Award of Shanghai, applied for a technical patent and took the projects from 973 program, Shanghai Scientific Committee and Shanghai Heath Bureau, published 60 papers including 16 was extracted by SCI. 
In recent years, clinical laboratory has also won the advanced department of our hospital from 2007 to 2013, "Outstanding Team" of Shanghai medical union, “Excellent Team Science award” of Shanghai Society of Laboratory Medicine in 2014, and other honors. Provide accurate and rapid report to clinical departments is the goal of all faculty in constant pursuit.