Diagnostic department

Our Imaging Center of FUSCC includes divisons of diagnostic radiology, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine right now, which was founded by the famous Chinese Radiologist Professor Qubing Zhang in 1952.    
After 20 years of development, our center had many great achievements in the clinical work and scientific research, particularly in the recent five years. It has become a prestigious modern tumor imaging center in China. 
Right now, the center is focusing on the early detection and characterization, as well as the monitoring and predicting the efficacy of radiation therapy and chemotherapy by using the new imaging modality and technology in all kinds of cancers, lymphomas, soft tissue tumors from head to toes. Our center also works on the tumor preoperative staging including gynecological cancers, colorectal cancer and gastric cancer et al. Our doctors have accumulated rich experience and made great achievements from these works. 

Our center has the most advanced equipments in China, including dual-gradient strength 1.5T and high-field 3T magnetic resonance imaging device, 64 and 40 multi-detectors helical CT scanners, digital gastrointestinal machines, 2 digital breast mammography, digital positron emission tomography, color Doppler ultrasound, and high-intensity focus ultrasound knife(HIFU) , et al.
Our medical staffs include 5 professors, 11 associated professors, 11 assistant professors, over 20 residents and postgraduate students, who major in X-ray, MRI, CT, mammography, intervention radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine. In addition, the center also has dozens of experienced technicians and nurses.  

Our center is one of the key teaching hospitals of School of Medicine, Fudan University. We have 4 medical doctor’s mentors and 2 master’s mentors. About eight medical postgraduate students were recruited every year. The center also holds medical continuing education projects "Progress in Imaging Diagnosis of Tumor" and “Advances in Imaging of Breast Diseases” sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Health. The center also has several projects sponsored by Chinese and Shanghai Natural and Scientific Committee, dozens of research papers have been published in the international and national academic journals.