Clinical department

Liver surgery department was officially established in March 2015. 

Our surgeons have great experience and expertise in managing hepatocellular carcinoma, hemangioma, secondery liver tumors, and uncommon cancer types such as cholangiocarcinoma and focal nodular hyperplasia. 

Our team leader, Prof. Wang M.D., has cared for more than 3,000 individuals with primary or secondary liver tumor and performs hundreds of procedures annually to treat liver tumors, and routinely offer treatment to people whose tumors are considered inoperable at other hospitals.

We take a multidisciplinary team approach, and our experts meet weekly to review cases, bringing a range of clinical perspectives and experiences to the development of a treatment for each person.

We carefully consider the latest surgical and interventional techniques, including minimally invasive approaches that can often reduce pain and the time it takes to recover from the procedure, while making a treatment plan.

With the cooperation of general surgery department, we are providing unprecedented potential for long-term survival and cure for people who have liver metastases due to the spread of cancer from the colon or rectum.

If surgery is not an option, we can in many cases provide minimally invasive therapies that use interventional techniques such as radiofrequency ablation and transhepatic arterial chemotherapy and embolization. For others, a remission and even a cure are possible in the right hands, using individualized treatment approaches.