Clinical department

Brain & Spine surgery department provides multi-disciplinary surigcal treatments for brain tumor, spinal cord and spinal tumor which was a new department established in 2015. Brain tumors include meningioma, glioma, pituitary adenoma, acoustic neuroma, brain metastases, etc. While spinal cord and spinal tumors contain schwannoma, spinal meningioma, intramedullary spinal cord tumors, spinal bone tumors, spinal metastases, etc.

Based on the concept of accuracy treatment and ?minimally invasive surgery,Brain & Spine surgery department is equipped with state of the art medical technologies including neuro-navigation,high resolution fluorescence microscope ,electrophysiological monitoring.Our goal is to make better precision operation, minimal injury, lower complications and morbidity, meanwhile provide powerful guarantee for the safety of our patients.

As one of the earliest cancer hospitals founded in China, Fudan University Cancer Center has always closely combined high quality of clinical treatment, teaching, prevention and research attributes. In order to optimize treatment on brain and spine tumors,we establish series of tumor treatment system containing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, combined traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment.