On June 26-27, 2017, The Annual Meeting of WIN was held in Paris. The current annual meeting focused on “Expediting Global Innovation in Precision Cancer Medicine”. FUSCC delegation of six people headed by Director of Thoracic Surgery Haiquan CHEN attended the symposium. 

The main themes of symposium cover Innovation in clinical trial design; New avenues for target discovery; Immunological approach to personalized medicine; Next great steps in cancer therapy; Predict: What and How?; Using new knowledge in clinical trials; Roundtable: Challenges of real world implementation of Precision Medicine, and implications for other diseases.  

FUSCC-based attendees presented posters on maintenance treatment of Uracil and Tegafur (UFT) in responders following first-line fluorouracil-based chemotherapy in metastatic gastric cancer, the preliminary study of 18F-FES PET in predicting metastatic breast cancer patients receiving fulvestrant with docetaxel, a novel 3′UTR panel to predict axillary lymph node involvement in operable triple-negative breast cancer; combination of BRAF and EGFR inhibition in PDXs of BRAF mutant recurrent and metastatic colorectal cancer; CBX3 promotes proliferation and aerobic glycolysis via FBW7/c-Myc pathway in pancreatic adenocarcinoma, respectively.