Name: Cheng,Wenwu
Department: Integrated Medicine
Title:M.D., Assistant Professor

Education & Professional Experience   2006 - now Department of Integrated Medicine, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
2004.6 -2004.12year Department of Palliative Care and Rehabilitation, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
1991 -2006year Department of TCM, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
1986 -1991year Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) University

palliative care; pain and symptom management; oncological psychology; oncological ethics; hospice care; TCM;


symptom management; pain management;oncological psychology etc

Publication   1. Cheng WW, Willey J, Palmer JL, Zhang T, Bruera E. Interval between palliative care referral and death among patients treated at a comprehensive cancer center. J of Palliat Med, 2005,8(5):1025-1032.
2. Gu XL, Cheng WW, Chen ML, Gu XL, Liu MH, Zhang Z. The preference of place of death and its predictors among terminally ill patients with cancer and their caregivers in China. Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2014 Jul 9.[Epub ahead of print]
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5. Zhang Z, Cheng WW. Communication as an Approach to Resolve Conflict About the Implementation of Palliative Care, Am J Hosp Palliat Care 2014,31(3):333-340.
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Awards   1996 Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Noble medical ethics Award
1997 Shanghai Medical University, Young Post Expert
1998 Shanghai Medical University, Excellent League Leader
2000 Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau’s TCM specialist (cross-century talent of hope star
2014 Shanghai city health system good volunteers
2013-2014 Shanghai city health system youth civilization group, Shanghai city health system China's Youth Award 
Out-patient Schedule  

Friday Morning (08:30-11:00)